The Medical Devices Laboratory

Under the direction of Dr. William Federspiel, the Medical Devices Laboratory is developing clinically significant devices for the treatment of pulmonary and cardiovascular ailments by utilizing engineering principles of fluid flow and mass transfer. Advancement of novel respiratory support devices is being conducted for the treatment of acute and acute-on-chronic lung failure. Also, medical devices utilizing membrane and particle based adsorption technologies for the removal of targeted solutes from whole blood is an ongoing effort which will aid in the treatment of pathogenic reactions.

Computer simulation, transport analyses, and engineering modeling are being employed to aid in the design and development of these devices to optimize their performance to both help the patient and facilitate the needs of the clinical end user.

The Medical Devices Laboratory is working to improve medical devices by combining the expertise and strengths of academic institutions and industrial partners through collaborative efforts. Translation of laboratory research into formal product development and clinical trials is a primary focus of the laboratory in order for the technological advancements to be utilized clinically to benefit those in need.

This material was originally published on the website of the Medical Devices Laboratory